Where’s the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-Shattering Kaboom!

TrinityBombSiteRevealedLast June on the Antiquatis Forum there was an interesting discussion on nuclear weapons concerning if the nuclear tests had actually been faked by the major governments.  I’ve done contract work for nuclear power plants, so I’ve seen nuclear power in action–but making lots of hot water from atomic fission is not the same as a nuclear explosion.

The question arose in response to a paper put out by Miles Mathis titled, “The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked,” which went on to demonstrate, through publicly available records, the many inconsistencies in the tests. LoneBear’s RS2  analysis was quite interesting, describing how nuclear fission works in the Reciprocal System (which has a different structure to the atom):

Chain reactions are based on the atom being composed of protons and neutrons, where the impact of ONE neutron kicks out TWO others, to cause the cascade. Though the number of neutrons would double, each would have only half the energy of the one impacting the nucleus, which means neither of those emitted neutrons will probably have enough energy to repeat the process.

But we DO have nuclear reactions that WORK in the Reciprocal System, because the model is different. The RS model has temporal rotation as its basis (the displacement being the “number of protons”), but NO neutrons, which are particles composed of a proton + antineutrino. No antineutrinos in the atomic rotating system, as they would be spatially-displaced in a temporal rotation. Space-to-time constitutes motion, so they would just move on through the atom, like electric current.

But the atom DOES have charged, electron neutrinos present, which is the value we use for the atomic mass unit (curious that the AMU is actually a particle mass unit). The proton has displacements of 1-1-(1) and the neutrino of 1/2-1/2-(1), so you can see that the proton is equivalent to TWO neutrino rotations, which leads to Larson’s mass formula of 2Z+G (twice the atomic number, the temporal displacement, plus the number of captured neutrinos, G).

So when you destroy an atom, you are converting some of the atomic rotation to LINEAR status, as kinetic energy. The drop in rotational speed means some of the captured neutrinos get set free and are carried away at the speed of light, to end up getting trapped in another atomic rotation, increasing it’s mass past the isotopic limit, causing it to convert some of it’s atomic rotation to linear status, to get rid of the excess speed, liberating some more neutrinos… and the chain reaction runs for quite some time, since all the heavy elements like uranium are right on the threshold of the isotopic limit.

BUT… this chain reaction is a relatively SLOW process that moves through the atoms much like the magnetic version of heat (Larson actually calls the magnetic ionization level that causes atoms to enter fission, “magnetic temperature”). You don’t have a nuclear explosion, but nuclear combustion.

I realize that for most people, that explanation makes about as much sense as a bronto-crane visiting Cavern on the Green for dinner, but you don’t need to be Albert Einstone to realize that Nature’s version of a thermonuclear combustion is a star and a thermonuclear explosion is a supernova. For Nature to create that Earth-shattering kaboom, you need a stellar-sized mass, not a chunk of material the size of a basketball (or soccer ball, depending on where you live).

So why bother to fake it? In my own research into the mythology of the “gods,” I have run across many references that indicate these gods (the Dingar, also known as the Annuna, Annunaki or Olympians) were “arms dealers,” mining the resources of our world and making use of the human slave population to build and stockpile weapons (much like their descendants of today–like father, like son). And that included nuclear weapons. But when that sibling rivalry between ENLIL and ENKI got to the point of war, they used them on each other–leaving some nice, radioactive bald spots of smooth, fused green glass on the planet. So it appears that these gods had functioning, nuclear weapons, and for some reason, humanity has been unable to duplicate it in the modern era–if the evidence of “faked nuclear testing” is true. I believe it IS true, and I’ll tell you why…

Back in my early days of subcontracting for the aircraft industry, I was involved with a project to reverse-engineer what appeared to be a reactor core and anti-gravity propulsion system from a “foreign” device. (They never said UFO or ET… it was always “foreign technology.”) The elements at its core were stable transuranium elements (later identified as Element #115 by Bob Lazar, which we in the Scientific Underground nicknamed, “Lazarite”).

BigRedButtonThese reactors ran cold–unlike our superheating nuclear reactors. It only became dangerous when the “warp core,” as we called it, was shut down through accident, mishap, or pressing the big Red Button. (Whatever you do, do not press the Red Button!) Once the internal reactions ceased, the core became highly radioactive and would proceed into a nuclear meltdown–again, lots of heat, but no Earth-shattering kaboom.


Back then, we did not have a clue as to what was going on, nor how anyone could have gotten the material in the core and began the process without it rapidly decaying into radioactive dust. Twenty years later, thanks to some research put out by Dewey Larson that described “magnetic ionization” of atoms and how isotopic mass inverted when matter was accelerated past the speed of light (2Z-G), we were able to understand how these warp cores worked and what was needed to make one–an environment with a ZERO magnetic ionization level. With no magnetic ionization, all of the 117 elements defined in the Reciprocal System’s Periodic Table are stable, only becoming unstable when the magnetic ionization level is raised to 1 or more. These cores had to have been built in space–not on a planet that has magnetic ionization levels of unity or higher.

And that gave an interesting clue as to why nuclear explosions worked for the gods of old, but probably aren’t working today.

Our current magnetic ionization level is about 1 natural unit. Using Larson’s equations, that means all the elements from 92 on up will exhibit radioactive decay. But that wasn’t always the case. Back in the 1500s, the Earth underwent an “expansion event,” where the size of the planet increases slightly–well in that case, about 5000 miles in circumference (I explain in detail in “The Colonization of Tiamat, Part V,” coming soon to a website near you). This moves some continents around a bit and adds more ocean floor, but most importantly, the expansion events normally coincide with a decrease in magnetic ionization level. So prior to the 16th century, Earth had a level of 2, making gold the “uranium” of the day–and why the gods were after it.

U-236 and other elements near the 236 AMU boundary are at their “age limit,” as Larson describes it in his books. In other words, they have accumulated as much isotopic mass as they can handle without falling apart. In the Reciprocal System, there are two ways for an atom to “fall apart,” which also describe the two different types of supernova explosions witnessed by astronomers.

The first is the “thermal limit,” where things just get too hot and explode to release the heat. For example, the Blue giant stars (which are old stars–not young ones–remember astronomy is backwards).

The second is the “age limit,” where the vibrational mass exceeds the rotational mass, causing the more violent “age limit” detonation, as seen in other supernova. Age limit can occur at any time, since all it requires is some very old, heavy rocks. The thermal limit, however, requires a LOT of rocks of younger age, hence the 1st generation blue, supergiant stars.

This difference explains the nuclear weapon inconsistency between the days of the gods and today. With our current radioactive materials, they simply cannot get hot enough to “supernova,” because the age limit explosion will occur first, destroying the atom before the reaction can really get going. In the past when gold was the radioactive fuel of choice, the gold atoms had plenty of room to get good and hot (rotational mass of only 158, which is quite far from 236) and cross the thermal limit on a small scale, making a “less hot” but much faster burning reaction–an explosion. Like most fuels, the hotter it burns, the faster it is consumed, and fast consumption is required to produce the pressure necessary for the best bang since the big one.

WileE-NukeBut what of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Well, if there were “no nukes” then there is only one, obvious conclusion: certain factions of the Japanese government and military conspired with the United States to fake the explosions, seeding the area with large quantities of high explosives–which the aircraft set off with their bombs, giving the huge flame show now documented as a nuclear detonation. And if you look at the post-nuke consequences, one could not help but notice that the globally expanding Japanese empire came to a halt after that (Korea liberated, for example). There is a lot here that says, “Project Blue Beam.”

I submit for your perusal this Army photo of a soldier pointing at “Ground Zero,” the point directly below where the nuclear bomb went off.  Notice the extensive amount of radiation gear, including respirator and air tanks he used to keep from being killed by the now abundant radioactive fallout. Hey… wait a sec…


So there you have it–we have in our collective “race memory,” the images of the gods nuking cities and turning people into pillars of salt, using the POWER OF GOLD and why gold is associated with power. Our unconscious knows it CAN be done, even though it can no longer be done in our current magnetic environment. Enter the people that want power and control over the planet. What better hostage could they have than the World, itself, under the threat of nuclear destruction? As long as they could prey on those unconscious memories and make people believe they could do it with a lot of special effects, well, then you now control the biggest threat to life on the planet.

In closing, I would like you to ask yourself: if these devices actually worked, why would governments, whom are all paranoid over national security, put out so much information on how nuclear weapons work that a High School student could build one? One would think that their principle of operation would be one of the biggest kept secrets on the planet…

OliverScienceProjectPeople will make any sacrifice… life, liberty or happiness, for the security of a global government regulating possible nuclear destruction.

If you would like some followup, there is a very interesting video on the topic on YouTube (not the best quality, but I’ll take fascinating information over fancy effects, any day!)


Life, the Universe and Digital Society

Our new system of self-Education
Our new system of self-Education

While I was walking to the gym this morning, I ran across a group of rather upset birds, flying around and squawking at each other. It made me chuckle a bit because in my head, I was translating their conversation as, “No way–this is MY branch! You go find your own tree!” and I was thinking, “how very human.” It actually got me thinking that, for the most part, life tends to work together in rapport, “finding their place” in a larger system that benefits both themselves and the system. But it only takes one troublemaker to disrupt that harmony, in this case, one bird that wanted to take over another birds place in the tree.

Some young folks at a nearby bus stop saw me laughing and were quite puzzled by that act, as I did not have wires hanging out of my ears, listening to some stand-up comic on an iPhone. One of them unplugged one of their ears and asked me what was so funny. I just asked, “did you hear the birds?” The only reply I got was “what birds?” They even tried to listen, but could not hear the continuing din from above. He asked his girlfriend,  yanking a wire out of her ear, do you hear any birds? A moment’s pause, and “no.” To me, the birds were making quite the racket.

I prefer to communicate by the written word, as I can take the time to express what I want to say clearly and accurately. Socially, I’m “not very,” but on those occasions that I do open my mouth and speak, my somewhat “unusual” knowledge tends to grab the attention of a group. And I’ve been noticing over the last few years that young people cannot seem to hear full words, almost as though they have become deaf to specific phonemes. After this mornings incident, I hopped on the net to see if there was some relation between the use of earbuds and headphones with hearing loss. And it turns out that the situation is well documented…

Maybe the danger of digital culture to young people is not that they have hummingbird attention spans but that they are going deaf.

New York Times article

Though the birds in question this morning were not hummingbirds, I did find the “lack of attention” reference funny (as hummingbirds are common in this region). But the article does point out that young people, due to the excessive use of earbuds and headphones, are becoming deaf to certain sounds (mentioned specifically as T’s and K’s in the article) that my generation can still hear clearly, despite our old age! The example given in the article is that the word “talk” is actually heard by the brain as “aw.”

If you’ve studied the pattern recognition system of the brain, it uses a “head-tail list” system of recognition. If you leave out the middle of a word, the brain can usually fill in the missing bits to figure out which word you meant. The bulk of English vocabulary (and some of the other Western languages I am familiar with) tend to start and end with hard consonants–the ones that young folks are becoming deaf to. That dissociation is going to impede the brain’s ability to connect the written word with the spoken one, as what is written will not verbalize like what is heard. That is a very interesting situation–and I have to wonder if it was just an “accident.”

As I continued down the sidewalk, my mind wandered towards the old film, The Planet of the Apes, along with one of the goals of the New World Order–to reduce humanity back to an illiterate, slave population, or as Ra (of the Law of One material) described it, “back to 2nd density.” Ra also mentioned that the physical form of mankind was specifically designed to aid verbal communication, as the local apes could not produce the refinements of human speech. And now we’re rapidly heading back towards grunts, groans and squeaks–because the upcoming generations cannot hear those refinements any longer and as a consequence, will eventually stop speaking them.

I have to admit, those folks in the New World Order are clever. Dumb down the upcoming generations by making education something you willfully rebel against, knock out the ability to hear, speak and comprehend refined speech, and you’re back to simple slave commands, “Yes Sir!”

Science Fiction has been warning of this scenario for decades, the earliest I recall being the 1968 Doctor Who episode, The Invasion (starring Patrick Troughton, my favorite Doctor), where the Cyber-signal, transmitted through radios of the time, was used to control the minds of humanity. From all the wires dangling out of people’s ears these days, it appears the Cybermen, after 48 years of effort, have succeeded.

In closing, I have received many inquiries on how to take the “red pill” and wake up from this Matrix of backwards reality we now live in. The answer is simple, again being played on by a lot of Science Fiction: have faith in your ability to exceed your programming and become something better. Don’t rely on government education, YouTube videos or ETs promising ascension. Decide for yourself to become intelligent. All it takes is an open mind, a little curiosity and some patience. You will be surprised what you can do, once you stop telling yourself what you cannot do.

Deep Underground Military Bases and the “3 Alternatives”

Recently, the Russian REN TV made another long documentary based on David Wilcock’s work, with Benjamin Fulford – media representative of the so called (Asian) White Dragon Society – appearing as a guest as well.

This time, the topic was about deep underground military bases (DUMBs), or more precisely, the supposed destruction of 26 US bases – starting with two, one in Virginia, the other in Colorado – between Aug 2011 and Jan 2012, which Wilcock wrote about in a few blog entries back then.

According to Fulford, those bases were destroyed by the White Dragon Society, while in an interview with Wilcock in 2011 he said the Pentagon “white hats” did it. It was speculated that the attack was unprecedented, even ET-assisted – by “Asshole Hippies From Outer Space”, who are supposedly protecting humankind by supporting an international coalition of 80 countries against the “Cabal” bringing in a new, more fair global financial order.

Does this sound like some cheap Hollywood script? Could the truth possibly be less dramatic than that? And what about those deep bases – why supposedly so many of them so suddenly, and against what or who are they supposed to protect its dwellers? Yes, dwellers, not necessarily us, the general populace of whatever country on Earth!

Were maybe a few high-level officials at the beginning of the 20th Century informed about something that would occur in the new millennium? Is one of the alternatives to hide underground, and the other to escape to the Moon, Mars, or space in general? Is this why we obviously explored the Moon and Mars, and are planning self-sustaining “space arks” to save us from a global catastrophe?

We invite you to join the discussion on the forum.


* “3 alternatives” as being from the British TV show, “Alternative 3″ (1977)

Meaning and Presence of the Rising Sun Symbolism

“Dawn of a new day”, “a new world”, “a new dawn”

It all started when Jordan Maxwell brought to attention the symbol of the rising sun in his lecture Dawn of a New Day, in which he quotes the description of the Soviet coat of arms from Whitney Smith’s book Flags Through the Ages and Across the World which “graphically presents the dawn of a new day for the entire world”.

Why would he bother with some old communist emblem, you might ask. It’s because the same expression, “dawn of a new day”, appeared in Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008, where “hope” and the rising sun logo turned out as a winning combination.


Fareed Zakaria from CNN found it interesting that the rising sun symbol successfully used in Obama’s campaign in 2008 was (and still is) being used by other political parties across the world, e. g. in Egypt, South African Republic, and Turkey.

Is this just an ordinary marketing trick or does it also have a more subtle meaning? You’ll find an interesting explanation if you visit the forum discussion.

Could “light workers” be a contemporary version of Freemasons?

Let’s play with words and see if the term light-worker can also be related to Free-mason (= builder/worker)/Phre-massen (= Light-child / –> light-worker).

1. Lightworker: “A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves peoples’ lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness.” [1] This is a general dictionary definition, but I’m sure it’s just one out of many – I believe its terminological meaning varies from one ‘lightworker’ to another. (Even Obama was labelled as a lightworker by some people [2].) As far as I know, this term is often connected with the New Age movement.

2. New Age: “Beginning with Gnosticism, New Age ideas have continued through a variety of groups including Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and the teachings of Helena Blavatsky. New Age ideas have many different origins from a variety of places, but most of them can be traced to Eastern religious traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ancient religious traditions.” [3]

3. The “New Age Magazine” was a monthly publication issued by the (Freemasonic) Scottish Rite Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, US. [4][5]

4. “Masonry is work“. The Masonic “work”, properly so called, is the inner secret ritualistic work by which Masons are made and educated for the outer work, consisting in action for the welfare of mankind according to Masonic principles. [6]

"Freemasonic [EN] initiation"
“Freemasonic initiation”
“The universal cry throughout the Masonic world”, says Mackey “is for light; our lodges are henceforth to be schools, our labour is to be study, our wages are to be learning; [ibid.]

“No one”, says the “Keystone” of Chicago, “has estimated or can estimate the far reaching character of the influence of Masonry in the world. It by no means is limited the bodies of the Craft. Every initiate is a light bearer, a center of light”. [ibid.]

3. […] that land [ancient Egypt] where men of science, organized into a close and secret organization, ruled; where they created a mystic language, and where they erected those mighty works of architectural skill whose undestroyed firmness still amazes the world—among these ancient ages the sun was an object of veneration, as the visible power of life and light. In their language it is called Phre, and in the same language mas means a child. Hence, being born of light, that is, knowledge of every kind, physical, moral, and intellectual, they called themselves Phre-massen—Children of the Sun, or Sons of Light. They inculcated and practiced purity and perfection of the body, control of all the passions, or moral purity, and devoted themselves to the intense study of all intellectual acquirements. Now, this is Freemasonry—we are true Sons of Light. [7, pp. 222-3]

Maybe I managed to make at least some “order out of chaos” – you tell me.  I also think this whole topic somehow relates to one of daniel’s posts on Ascension. [8]

You can follow the rest of the discussion on Antiquatis Forum.

Lightworkers... investment in personal well being for only $5,355.00!
Lightworkers… investment in personal well being for only $5,355.00!

Of birds and bugs…

The previous post highlighted how camera technology can help capture some of the more mysterious things happening on our planet today, but what you must be careful of is misinterpreting your photographic evidence as something more natural.

When looking through the 2 second burst shot photo’s such as frame 12 below, it certainly does look like some disc shaped objects are reflecting the sun in the distance while other black objects move at incredible speed through each frame:

Objects close up
Objects close up
Object closeup1
Object closeup1

But on closer examination of the facts and evidence a very different and more down to earth explanation is reached.

The location is in a moving car going about 20mph heading south on a country road and the light from the sun is obscured by the wall of chem-haze which has built up from a long day of aerosol spraying.  The sunlight is also being scattered in lots of different directions and there is a hedgerow on the road side at the bottom of the frame.

Hedges are a haven for insects and flying bugs while out in the country the birds are everywhere and one flying past very fast, in the opposite direction to the car and photographer, would appear as a blurred streak in a tenth of a second frame.

Although it does look like these objects are in the distance, your mind can play tricks on you when it comes to a 2D photograph.

Here’s a very good explanation from a friend of mine who has a lot of experience with photography,:

It is easy to be fooled because of the way depth perception works. Because of the narrow spacing of your eyes, you actually only perceive 3D depth to a few meters. The reason you can see 3D in the far distance is because of memory–and moving around a lot, so you get a large number of snapshots that your mind can assemble into a 3D structure based on some very wide “eye” distances. Single-lens cameras do not do that, which if you look at old, 3D cameras, the lenses were set apart by several FEET, so the stereoscopic  projection would go farther. I’ve used 3D cameras since the 1980s and have done an enormous amount of 3D modelling on the computer, so I’m very aware of the associated problems of projective geometry, when it comes to 2D photos.

It’s that internal, 3D picture your mind generates that can do some odd things at times, when there isn’t enough data.

Back in the 1970s, computer graphics were done by drawing vectors on storage scopes–television tubes with a very long persistence phosphor. They would actually move the electron beam around to draw the lines, so they were all very smooth. When the first raster displays came out, everyone hated them because the lines were jagged–pixelated. In order to overcome the objections they introduced antialiasing, which is fuzzing out the raster lines by setting adjacent pixels to a half-intensity value where they stair-stepped. The eye, which has a fairly long persistence, would then see a smooth line rather than a jagged set of pixels. This technology is used everywhere these days. So if you were to take a picture of a light that was one pixel only, you’d see 9 pixels on the photo–one in the center being the the light source, and the 8 surrounding it at half intensity, even though they should have been black. Being aware of the way tech fuzzes things out, anything that is a few pixels in size on a digital camera can pretty much be anything. Now actual film is a different story, because the pixels are molecule-sized, so with good equipment can be magnified considerably with decent resolution.

Regarding your digital resolution… government spy cameras run around 25 GIGApixels–about 1500x more resolution. If you had one of those then you could zoom in effectively, because that 14-pixel image would actually have some 21,000 pixels of definition. You should find out what your optical resolution range is–take a photo of a sign, then keep backing away and take another. Look at the photos and find the one where you can no longer read the text, then you’ll know that you can resolve (text height) at that distance–anything beyond will be a blur.

So once you factor this in with the background focus, anti-aliasing, camera pixel resolution of 13 megapixels, the location and being in a moving vehicle next to a hedge in the country where birds and bugs frequent, then this…

Object streak
Object streak

…can then be categorized along with the rest of the birds and the bugs:











So there you have it, not everything is as clear cut as your brain tells you it is so be careful out there and do your research thoroughly.

I just wish that someone could give a down to earth explanation for these HAARP effects other than Solar Radiation Management but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen on this evidence…

Hidden in plain sight…

Sometimes technology can come up trumps when it comes to helping us to see things right in front of us that we would normally miss as they flash by in the blink of an eye.

The best photographic evidence of UFO’s often start as a normal holiday snap, only for an object to be discovered later when the photo’s are reviewed and with the photographer not seeing anything unusual when the picture was taken.

A perfect example is the excellent UFO photo taken in Crete, Greece in 2012:

“On August 19 of this year (2012) my husband and I were driving towards a very beautiful beach called Balos beach, Gramvousa in Crete where we were on a holiday break. We were driving on a long dirt road to get to the beach and because of all the holes and humps in the road we’re driving really slow. At some point during this half hour drive a hurt of goats were on the road, sort of walking with us so I started taking pictures of the situation. I took some shots leaning out of my opened window and shot the pictures with my reflection in the mirror, the goats walking with us and the spectacular view. At some point I got out of the car and took some more shots.

One and a half hour later, when we finally arrived on the beach after a long climb down hill it was very, very windy, almost stormy so we decided to hide in one of the beach-cafeteria’s and we scrolled through the shots on our camera to see what I photographed. This is when we first noticed there was something in the sky on just one of the shots I took. We zoomed in on our camera screen and could not believe what we saw, such a strange shape. We immediately started discussing possibilities to define what it could be, but had no idea.”

IMG_3137 – Crete, Greece UFO


A few years ago I took a photo of Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran from the beach and later that afternoon I noticed a black mark in the sky that definitely wasn’t there when I took the photo:

DSC00199 – Brodick beach, Isle of Arran UFO


Not quite the smoking gun that the Crete UFO photo is but still unlike any bird or insect.

Then just last week I was in a car east of Glasgow and took a 2 second long, 20 frame burst shot of the sunset being blocked by a wall of chem-haze and HAARP manipulated clouds… and if you’re thinking at this point “whoah he’s lost the plot!” then please bear with me.

Below are all 20 photographs in order, taken over two seconds and I will leave it to you to have a look through and see if you can find anything interesting in them.  Believe me there is an awful lot going on in these 20 frames… the first thing to note is a bird flying from the centre to the right of each photo, a good control object to compare against:

So… what did you see?

If you glanced at them probably not much but take the time to examine each photo, zoom in and use photo editing software to play with the  brightness and contrast to see what you can pick out.

You can find something in every single frame and I will post a follow up soon to show you what I found, but I encourage each and every one of you to use your own detective skills to see what you can see… email us at chstuff@conscioushugs.com and we’ll post some of your results.

When it comes to uncovering things that are “hidden in plain sight”, another very useful tool is time-lapse video, giving you the power to speed up time!

Now, if you believe the mainstream news stories that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is no longer operational then you should probably watch these videos to see what is really going on above your head…. but in slow-motion!  Be warned, you may never look at the sky the same way ever again:

From what I have observed over the last few years even the sun is being hidden in plain sight, especially during sunrise and sunset!  If you find this hard to believe, then a very sensible RS theory explanation can be found in daniel’s Geoengineering paper.  Have you seen how bright and hot our sun is these days?

It can be quite a shock to the system when you see what’s really going on and there are many more videos like this on Youtube.  Why not take some burst shots or time-lapses yourself and see what you can find….

Reciprocal System of theory Resources

Antiquatis Institute

To Be What No Man Has Been, Before.
To Be What No Man Has Been, Before.

Reciprocal System v2

The Reevaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of theory
The Reevaluation of Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of theory

International Society of Unified Science

Promoting the Reciprocal System of physical theory since 1976
Promoting the Reciprocal System of physical theory since 1976


EDITORHPA: The End of Earth-The Account of a Remarkable Journey

Bad West/Good East:Redefining God Blog

I wanted to write a quick concurrence as a further extrapolation to some of Ken’s writings over at redefining god blog.

Ken has written several article posts recently addressing the new “Beast” financial system, and the massive psy-op mind control campaign that is behind it. He is right on in my opinion on just about every account and summation he has written in this regard.

While reading Ken’s most recent post yesterday regarding his dissemination of the Canauzzie’s propaganda post, this point really stood out to me:

By the way, the creation of 10 “kingdoms” is in keeping with Biblical prophecy the Satanists are trying to fulfill.

He also included a very nice map illustration as a reference here:

“A new Globalist monetary system is coming with administration centers and hierarchies in the 10 UN development zones“…

…On a side note, this map shows you why they’re trying so hard to break Japan; it’s included with the “developed nations” such as the US, all of which must be debased according to their plan.

He is also referring to these 10 UN development zones when he says, “A balanced Council of Regional Superpowers is being developed, with flexible Capital support to maintain the needs and integrity of the regions in harmony with an emerging new and coordinated world.”

The reason this section of Ken’s article really stood out for me, is because during communications with –daniel, and the extensive research he has put into his informative papers; I mentioned this “10 Kingdoms” reference to him today, and asked if he recalled any corroborating biblical or ancient texts references to this. And sure enough, he did!

Here is some interesting information daniel passed along to me about this during my discussion with him.

daniel’s quotes and references in blue italics:

The reference is probably 10 kings. Of course, kings have dominion over king-doms.

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” (Rev. 17:12-13)

You should read that section of the Bible, with what you now know. It goes on…

“And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

Note that the beast has 10 horns–the 10 kings/kingdoms growing off the beast, that will eventually HEAL the beast.

BTW, “whore” doesn’t translate to that… it’s more like peasant/barbarian.

Of course, these various 10 horned beast cabals sure do hate us muggles! Apparently they only want us to cook and clean for them, and they want fewer and fewer around! So  we’ve got the 10-horned beast that is devouring the world, and the only sickness it really has is “indigestion“, from glutinous greed–that will go away, once the feast is over!

I don’t know if you noticed the “Rome” reference in the last paper, which is used to name the domain of the NWO… it comes from the Roman name for the empire, Orbis Terrarum–which does not mean Italy, but the “Circle of the Earth” — the entire planet!

You can find similar references in all the cultural mythos, from the:

  • 10 Kingdoms of China,
  • 10 Lost Tribes of Israel,
  • the 10 Tribes of South America, etc.

Everybody  wants to build 10 kingdoms… even the US is divided into 10 FEMA regions, and the first digit of your SSN is a region designator (0-9 = 10 regions).

To follow in their masters foot steps, these Noble/Elitist/Cabal types are all following the same playbook, handed down from their “crowned” masters of milenia ago. The “Beast” is the paper on the map that covers the world; the 10 horns are the regions/sectors.

Anybody ever notice the symbolism of “crowns” that elite royalty wear? This is to mimic their noble Saurian antecedent gods who had a crest of “horns” capping their heads.

So, its extremely relevant here that regardless of how this new “Beast” financial system is being peddled to the muggles! Ken is hitting the nail on the head in his warnings that this whole thing is part of their plan, and the “Good East”, is just another 10 horned Beast stepping up to the trough!

Its all there as they say-  “the Writing’s on the Wall“…

Thanks a lot daniel for helping to shed some more light on this, and thanks also to Ken for getting this kind of message out there!

In Rapport We Thrive